Coir Weed Mat

Weed mat is made of needle-punched mattress coir pad with natural latex. This natural coir pad is excellent to control weeds in tree plantations and perennial slope landscaping. With time, the coir weed mat biodegrades and provides mulch since it is 100% biodegradable. The 1cm thick weed mats are available in individual mats as well as in rolls. Each weed mat can be customized and a split for easy application.

Advantages of weed mat

Weed mat rolls provide one-step erosion control, weed control mulching in perennial slope landscaping. Mulching around trees is very important, as it helps the young tree to obtain the essential nutrients needed to survive the early stages of development for a strong growth. Mulching helps to suppress the growth of weeds around a tree’s root system, with more young trees failing due to lack of mulch than from wind or any pests. In the first three years of growth young trees need moisture in the growing medium around it as a feeding mechanism to carry minerals to its root system. If weeds are permitted to grow around the tree they will take the majority of this moisture reducing the tree’s growth rate. Therefore a form of weed suppressant material will be a huge benefit to the tree in its early stages of development for a strong build. This weed suppressant will further benefit the young tree as it stops the growing medium around the tree from drying out and cracking which rapidly promotes water loss for the soil. As the tree needs this moisture for its first three growing seasons the area of weed suppressant around the base of the tree should extend by at least 0.5m in any direction from the stem. This will allow the full root system of the young tree to become fully established and support fast growth rates throughout the tree’s life. Weed Mat is an environmental friendly natural option for any location looking to control the growth of weeds made from high strength coir fibres. These mats effectively suppress weed growth by natural means causing no harm to the surrounding environment. The guards are made from coconut fiber, a 100% renewable resource. The volume of weeds will be reduced by 90 to 95%. This translates into a very large savings in labor and no Herbicides are needed. Therefore it creates a healthy working environment. Nurseries that use overhead sprinklers will also benefit as water will not bounce off the guards. It will be trapped by the rough surface and then the water will immediately penetrate the discs. This will prevent waste and soil borne pathogen spreading.

Highly used in,
• Steepened slopes
• Road, rail and sound barrier embankments
• Low flow storm water channels
• Culvert outlets and washout drains
• Highly erodible soils
• Heavy rainfall areas
• Coastal and seashore protection
• Parks, Amenity areas, Golf courses and Sports grounds
• Quarries and landfills