International Energy (Pvt) Ltd

International Energy Pvt LTD is a community of dedicated coconut growers in Sri Lanka, with over 20 years of experience within the Agricultural Industry. Internally sourced from our very own coconut estate, we produce and supply coco-based products such as Coconut Peat, Coconut Blocks, and Coconut chips locally, and globally. In addition to that, our team manufactures Coconut Charcoal bricks/slabs and extracts a range of essential oils such as Agar oil, Cinnamon oil, Cardamon Oil, Pepper Oil, and Lemongrass oil. We provide quality service to our customers which is followed by a recognized quality assurance system in each step of production.

We are on a mission to foster sustainability throughout our processes. We pledge that every process or practice we undertake as an organization ensures zero harm to Mother Nature, where we maintain the usage of internally-sourced 100% biodegradable raw materials

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909/15 Adikaram Road , Etul Kotte, Sri Lanka.

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